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Quote Mark

LifePrints Video accomplished what you hope from all great story tellers. They made us laugh, cry and love in new and surprising ways.”

- Rebecca Bowen,
Somos MayFair


LifePrints Video Studio

Storytellers at heart, we listen well and provide a remarkably flexible and personal approach to video production.

We invest heavily in discovery, and focus first on understanding mission, impact and desired outcomes. We are interested in the problems you intend to solve and how you define and measure success in human terms.

We then work closely with you to find the people and the real stories that reveal your impact and bring your message to life. We know that stories “stick” in hearts and minds. While metrics matter, it is the stories we tell about why the metrics have meaning that are remembered and inspire to action.

Driven by the nature of the stories themselves we collaborate with our clients to brainstorm effective treatments, distilling the best ideas into the most compelling approach.