About Us

Jean Spurr and Dorit Grunberger created LifePrints Video in 2005, inspired by their mutual delight in telling stories about people, meaningful work and efforts to make a difference in the world. LifePrints Video has worked with a wide range of environmental, social service and educational organizations, companies, and public sector entities. Additionally, we have produced projects for martial arts organizations, theater and arts groups, and musicians. As a team, we offer a unique combination of skill and perspective.

LifePrints Video Studio
Jean Spurr
Producer/Director • Editor

With an MSW from UC Berkeley, Jean has over 35 years of experience managing nonprofit and educational organizations. As a member of LifePrints Video, she offers strong pre-production and project management skills. Jean’s interviews, story development, and editing style reflect her intimate understanding of working for the benefit of people and their communities. A do-gooder at heart, Jean is deeply rooted in the nonprofit community, its joys and its complexities.

Dorit Grunberger
Producer/Director • Cameraperson • Editor

Dorit studied cinema in the San Francisco State University graduate program, and has over 35 years experience in film and video production. She shoots, directs and co-edits all LifePrints Video’s projects. Dorit has also had a 30+ year career in basic science research, holding a Masters degree in Biochemistry. A geek at heart, she is motivated by a fascination with life in all its forms, and by a fierce desire to help safeguard it from irreparable harm.